February 9, 2009

Luz Magazine


Luz, in Spanish means light. Photography is essentially about light which I am very inspired by. I am in the works, with a few friends, to begin an online photography based artist magazine. It will showcase & publish all sorts of talent, including painters, sculptors, photographer, music, writing, etc. There will also be interviews. I am still getting everything up and running. Eventually I would like to publish, print and distribute each issue. So please send in submissions!


  1. Oh this sounds great! Do you have any specific submission requirements? I've been shooting an ongoing series that's focused on qualities of light and I think it'd be a good fit for what you're about to set up.

    Good luck with everything!

  2. Our only requirements are that you email in a few images from a series or body of work and that you have a written statement to go with it. A link to your work as well would be great. Then it gets reviewed by a panel. And if we feel it goes with what that issue is about we will get back to you and ask you to submit more images. And we keep everyone's work on file, so even if your work doesn't get included in one issue it may be right for the next. So we'd love to see your work!