January 23, 2010

Free Happy Valentines Day Post Card

In honor of Saint Valentine Humunuku is offering a bit of Love. Download, Print & Assemble as many postcards as you want.

Any type of white card stock
A knife or scissor to cut paper
Glue Stick
Optional: Bone Folder
Humunuku Valentines Day PDF

No. 1
Print both front and back of postcard pdf on separate pieces of card stock. ( I use 2 - 8.5" X 5.5" Sheets of 110 lb Card )

No. 2 Cut each piece using trim marks as a guide.

No. 3 Using glue stick coat back of both pieces well. Stick together and smooth with a bone folder or your hand (a Popsicle stick works fine also).

No. 4 Done! Write love letters and send them out. Fun to make a bunch and send as gifts.

If you make it and have fun, I'd love to hear about it.
Lots of other Fun Love Stuff at the Humunuku Shop


  1. So beautiful....I love it.
    Thank you!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to print & send them? Can they be sent as a postcard, or do they have to be put in an envelope?

  3. I absolutely love this. Brings me back to my violin days. Thanks! :)

  4. These are gorgeous! Can't wait to make some...thank you!

  5. Yes you can send these as postcards :)

    Glad everyone like them :)

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