Alana Davis Photography

April 21, 2010

Fun Tools

Embarrassingly, we are avid collectors of everything.  The bottom image is of a large silkscreen my husband used in college, which I'm thinking about printing large sheets of gift wrap / printed paper.  The top image is actually something I've been wanting for a while.  Butcher paper cutter? And just our luck - one day we happened to be passing a closing store and the shopkeeper gave it to us for free. It's so pretty painted all gold. 


  1. you guys do have some beautiful tools!...


  2. I have been jones-ing (sp?) for a butcher paper holder like that for a line. Might have to break down and get one from Uline. + I need a spot to put it.

  3. how lucky! thats a great paper cutter

  4. Hey, they will come in handy! Wish I had a pretty gold paper cutter! xo katie