April 12, 2010


The husband and I had a wonderful trip to the city this weekend. I shot Jara again, who is pregnant with twins, in Central Park. All of the Cherry Blossoms were in bloom. More photos coming soon . . .

We stopped by chance at this wonderful cafe in Park Slope. Cafe Regular. Everything looked wonderful inside and their espresso was comparable to the west village's Sant Ambrose, which is by far one of my favs. We had a nice brunch there on Sunday before we left.

second image via: Gillian's Blog


  1. That's so funny - we were just in Park Slope on Sunday too and we passed that restaurant. It's too bad we didn't get to bump into each other.

    And that photo is beautiful!

  2. Erin, how funny. The Cafe' didn't look like the photo when we were there. It was all orange and had an awning??? Weird . . . ?? Maybe there are two?

    I'm coming back soon. Let's plan something fun, since it's finally starting to be nice out!!

  3. oh man we were there at the same time! we'll have to meet up sometime :)

  4. I remember seeing the name and thought it looked nice :) Sounds like a plan - it'd be great to see you soon!