February 26, 2011

Elephant Collection

A funny thing both Cisco and I had in common, even before we met, was our love for elephants.  I collected a few, but he on the other hand has an amazingly large, and beautiful collection of Elephants. Illustrations, vintage ephemera, dolls, statutes, . . . everything. From all over the world. We've taken some out of storage lately and are displaying them around the house.

I love this particular hand sewn cotton statue from India. I have been sketching it and want to turn it into a print and or tea towel with many colors. I can be afraid of a lot of color, but love it a lot.

I will start posting more photos of the collection as we find more places to put them . . .


  1. I think however you choose to print the elephant (many colours or not), it's going to look great.

  2. Thanks tanya! I haven't really done any screen printing with more than 2 colors, so I'd love to try it with a few.

  3. oh i love elephants too! i only have 5 in my collection so far, but i look forward to it growing. oh and thanks to yours (and ashley's) post, i made the peanut butter cups this weekend. yum!