February 23, 2011

My Perfect Egg

She'd scoff at me for saying this and I do love my grandmother, but boy does she over cook a hardboiled egg :) You know when there's a green ring around the outside of the yolk it's overdone

I've found my perfect egg. It's somewhere between a soft and hard boiled egg. Every variable is important for consistent results. And once you've found your, you can have it the same every time! You'll have to test it a few times regulating temperatures (egg, water, etc.), time, and egg size. This is what I do:

1. I use an egg right from the refrigerator, set it on the counter for a few minutes while . . . 
2. I boil a small pot of water.
3. Boil the egg in the water for exactly 7 minutes.
4. Remove the egg from water and let is sit for 1 minute.
5. Put the egg into a bowl of ice water to cool for a minute.
6. Done! 

The whites should be intact, the outside of the yolks just cooked, and the inside of the yolk should be just soft not quite runny.  Finish with sea salt & fresh ground pepper.

Reduce time for a runnier yolk, more time for less.


  1. I rarely eat egg but your photos are brilliant and the way you write is causing me to drool. I can't wait to get eggs from the farmers market so I can try this. I've never had a perfect hard boiled egg and I really look forward to it! Thanks!!!

  2. :) Thanks & Good luck!! Farm fresh Eggs are the best!