March 21, 2011


I don't have much of a green thumb. It's something I hope to develop though. Especially with my own food. My mother, father, and both sides of grandparents are wonderful at gardening. Remember these? The only one that is still alive is the Jade, obviously because that one needs the least amount of attention. I'll show you a photo of how huge it's gotten. 

My mother in law brought this herb garden kit for me to start growing in doors until it's warm out. So far so good! I can't wait until they are big and ready to eat!

As a kid my grandma would go out back and cut fresh flowers to have in her house. I always said when I have my own house I wanted to do the same. She has tons of flowers everywhere, (it does helps that she lives on Maui, where it's always nice.) Hasn't happened for me yet here in upstate NY, but Cisco will sometimes buy me fresh flowers which is just as sweet.


  1. brilliant blog
    i really love your etsy designs!

  2. I'm a terrible gardener, but I really really want to learn. I'm excited to finally be in a house (rather than an apartment) to have a bit of a yard to attempt to grow things.

  3. Thanks isabelle!
    Diana, having a house does help, I moved from the city a little over a year ago and still haven't been able to keep things alive for very long. :) Luck to both of us this year!

  4. what are you growing? I planted some basil and tulips...the basil is showing good progress...the tulips...well, not so good.

  5. not sure what these are yet, my mother in law set it up for me, i'll let you know when they are grow! :)

    Mmmm Basil! Yum.