March 15, 2011

Movies & Coffee

I saw two movies recently that I've been wanting to see for a while. The Romantics, and Blue Valentine. Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams are two of my favorite actors and they did a great job. It was directed well & the cinematography was beautiful, story line, depressing.

If ever in Binghamton & need a coffee, try Laveggio's downtown. They roast it right there and is probably some of the best coffee I've ever had. They make Cappuccino's the right way. Perfect proportions. 

I'm getting better at my own cappuccino's at home. More cappuccino art on my twitter :)


  1. the acting in that film is so so so so good

  2. What a pretty blog. I love it!

    I really wanna watch The Romantics. Maybe this weekend.

    Camila F.

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  4. really? i was disappointed with blue valentine and i love, love, love ryan gosling. i have yet to see the romantics, just added it to my netflix queue!

  5. Thanks naomemandeflores!

    I did come out of Blue Valentine disappointed, but not because of their performances. Just a sad story.

    The Romantics, I just didn't really like. Maybe my expectations were too high?