March 24, 2011

Pour Over

We are usually espresso drinkers, but this morning I was out of milk to make a cappuccino, so I thought I'd make some pour over coffee. It was perfect. I'd love to go to that Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago one day.


  1. where do i get one of these awesome makers?

  2. It is very strange the way to prepare the coffee! Why ??
    I have never seen !

  3. I bought this one from dean and deluca in the city! But i'm sure you can find them online:

    It's great to just pour 1 cup of coffee and not have to make an entire pot, also tastes great.


  4. hello there! been stopping by fairly regularly and i really enjoy your work and the photos you stick on your blog. my husband works at the millenium park intelligentsia and i was really excited to see you making a pour over :) hopefully you do make it up here some day! sooner rather than later!

    also...your card display that your husband made is SO beautiful! the wood is so lovely.

  5. It looks so delicious! I didn't have time for coffee this morning, so I'm especially jealous!

  6. Thanks Diana & homeseed, I love Chicago & Coffee :)