April 23, 2011


Hey there! So I had an amazing time in San Francisco. I enjoyed spending time with old friends, making new ones, walking around the city, and let me tell you I did not have one bad meal, while there! Everything was so delicious. Thanks for the suggestions. I shot 2 rolls of 120 film & 3 of 35mm. I'm processing the 35mm now,  and have to send the medium format away. But I hope to have them edited and up soon. I'll share some iPhone pics in the mean time. I had a wonderful time, but missed my loves at home a whole bunch. It's great to be back, but I'm not done with SF just yet. Time to catch up.

(photo taken in the Ferry Building, which was beautiful!)

ps. You may not care about this, but I'm more a medium format girl, than 35mm, trying to adapt to that long shape is tough for me. I see in more of a fat rectangle :) 


  1. welcome back! so glad to hear you had a great time in san francisco (and glad to hear your film turned out)! i can't wait to see your pictures!