April 12, 2011

San Francisco

What's that quote? When it rains, it pours. Well that's mostly how life is right now. Lots of orders right before I leave for San Francisco! Cisco will be taking over the shop while I'm gone & probably playing a lot of golf with Koali. 
I'm so excited to meet up with my childhood friends in the city. I haven't seen them for a while and am in some need of girl time. Never been to SF! I can't wait to go shopping and eating and sight seeing, like a real tourist! Any recommendations for me? I'd love to hear where to go and what to see? (mostly really good food please) 

I'm not bringing my computer and wont be online for a whole week. Will still have my phone, so I can get emails, but I need a break and I plan to take lots of photos :) Can't wait. Only taking my Holga, 35mm film SLR, & iPhone. I will try to twitter and post pics there, but if you follow me you know, I'm really bad at it :) Anyway, until I return, thanks for any info :)


  1. Have tons of fun Alana! Can't wait to see the pics when you get back. You should check out Mission Beach Cafe for brunch - so good! Oh and non food related but the Curiosity Shop is near there too.


  2. i was just in san francisco for the first time a few weeks ago! my fiancé is attending college there and i was visiting him. i'm moving out there in a few months!!

    i completely fell in love with everything about the city... i'm so excited that i'll be living there soon! as far as recommendations, i would definitely check out city lights bookstore and as far as restaurants go, there are tons! as well as little cafés and diners everywhere. (mel's diner was very good.) i'm sure just walking around you'll find some amazing places!

    i love that you're choosing only to take film because that's exactly what i did! but don't be like me and take your mom's old finicky film camera which decided to basically eat all of my film. it was the only camera i brought so i have absolutely no pictures of san francisco. i'm still extremely bummed about that, but i know i'll have plenty of chances to take pictures when i live there!

    good luck! and have fun! it's an amazing place!

    my san francisco posts in case you're interested: