April 8, 2011

To do . . .

Lots to do as always . . .

The top photo is of some twill labels for Julie over at Vain & Vapid. Printing on certain surfaces can be super tricky. I've learned we need a special touch with some things. Love seeing them sewn into her beautiful clothes. That's Koali lounging in the sun. She LOVES the sun & heat just like me. I want to find her a cute girly outfit, any recommendations?

I just ordered some new instant film. I can't wait to try it out! I know you can do emulsion lifts with the new impossible film, but was wondering if I can do "Polaroid Transfers" with my slide printer? 

I am also dying to try the new Ektar and Portra Film. The Portra NC used to be my fav, but sadly it's no longer.

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