July 14, 2011


Our house was built in 1941. When we moved in, it looked like it, but not in a charming good way. In the bad way. So we've been restoring, fixing up, and rebuilding everything. It's taking some time, but slowly becoming our own. And now that it's nice out, we've been focusing on the outside a little more.

I've been begging Cisco to build me some benches so I can sit and have a cup of coffee in the morning or just have somewhere to relax. So he finally did! I'll have to get better photos of them soon. Here is one, with Koali standing on top, eating some leaves. I thought she'd get bigger, but I don't think she'll grow much more. 


  1. oh my goodness i like everything about this. the bench. koali. koali eating leaves. SO awesome.

  2. ohh eating leaves! that's so sweet!