July 8, 2011

Shoyu Teriyaki

My grandma sends me gallons of Aloha Shoyu ever year, my favorite soy sauce. Not sure what I'd do without it. And this is my fav. teriyaki recipe. I've probably already posted about this, but we had it today and it was so yummy I had to share again. 

I also don't measure just go by taste.

In a large bowl or plastic bag mix:

Aloha Shoyu (or other brand soy sauce)
fresh ginger root smashed
fresh garlic cloves smashed
raw sugar (or regular sugar)

Mix until dissolved. Taste until flavor is just right. It should be a little sweet.
Marinate chicken, veggies, beef, or tofu overnight or a couple of days then cook on the grill for a nice charred sweet taste. 

I chopped up some green onions to top over this thinly sliced beef.


  1. YUM! i wrote this down & it's going on the fridge. certainly going to try it soon. :) thx!