July 2, 2011


Because of some health issues I'm now wheat (gluten) and dairy free. Although I do LOVELOVELOVE bread and cheese, I don't eat much dairy or gluten anyway so it shouldn't be too much of a change. I think it's healthier for me to eat this way anyway and Cisco has decided he will too. 

Almost every morning I've been making the most yummy fruit smoothies! I use ice, coconut yogurt, banana, frozen fruit that I buy in bags already cut up (mango, strawberry), some orange juice and once in a while I will put some mango sorbet in there. So good!

And we've finally cleared out our sun room and I set up a little portrait studio. Found this wonderful metal chair at an antique store not far from here. Can't wait to start some photo projects.


  1. just discovered your blog via post about a super cute vain & vapid dress. :) i think you must be an upstate version of me, with a love for food, clothes, making stuff, photography, brooklyn... cute blog!

  2. Haha, thanks!!! I like your blog also :) Cheers to making stuff & brooklyn.