July 6, 2011


While I've been editing wedding photos for hours, Cisco and Jorge have been picking up, loading and unloading our new Arborvitae Trees. We installed a short fence so Koali can't escape that way. Then, the trees are going to be for privacy along our back yard property line. I've been wanting a fence or trees since the day we moved in, so I am elated that we are actually planting some. This means I don't have to worry about going out in my PJ's without the neighbors seeing me. Growing up I never understood why my grandma would always be "fixing" something up around the house. Then as an adult I always lived in an apartment in the city where I didn't have to do much maintenance. But owning our own home has been so much work. And we love it.


  1. That sounds amazing! I can't wait to have a backyard someday. Sigh...

  2. It's exciting to finally see some progress with the house! But sometimes I'd def. trade it for my apartment in Brooklyn!! :)