August 16, 2011

Spanish & Working

I just realized that I've seen quite a few movies lately.
The Tree of Life, this movie was absolutely GORGEOUS, truly inspiring imagery, that being said, very disappointed in the story line or lack thereof.

 The House of Yes, I am a huge Parker Posey fan, so I pretty much love whatever she does. My fav. probably being Broken English. This movie is really strange and a little disturbing, but if you like dark humor it's pretty funny.

 Pretty Persuasion, another strange dark humored movie, sort of Welcome to the Dollhouse - esq, but not quite. 

Anyway, I've been relocating (painting, cleaning, etc.) to my new office down the street and taking Spanish lessons twice a week. & I'm almost done editing this wedding above :)

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  1. good to know about tree of life, have been thinking of going to see it. love a gorgeous film!