September 27, 2011

Humunuku Tea Towels

Took me a while to list these, but here they finally are! Humunuku Tea Towels. All hand sewn with 100% cotton. Pretty for lots of things . . . :)


  1. so cute! love my bag - i get tons of compliments on it. i did get some letterpress ink on it though :( will figure out how to wash that out when i get back from france. i know you can wash letterpress ink out with oxyclean but will it affect the silkscreen ink? anyway, hope all is going well with you!! xoxo

  2. Thanks!! I'm not sure if oxyclean will take off screen printing ink. I heat set it, which should make it "permanent." But after many washes it starts to fade, so I'm not sure how that'll work.

    I'm doing good! Glad to hear you are having a blast in France. Have some pastries for me!