November 4, 2011

Soba & Birthdays

I had a nice long chat with my mother yesterday on her birthday. It's hard living so far from family sometimes, but we appreciate the time we do have together. Not only was it her birthday, but November in general is kind of special around here. Three years ago, is when I started this little blog. It's been fun journaling, sharing recipes, ideas, and inspiration. I very much appreciate all of the comments and emails from everyone, thank you for your generosity it time. 

Also in a few days will be Koali's birthday! One whole year old. I can't even believe it. We will have to do something special!

I think I've mentioned that I've been craving Japanese food lately, so I decided to make some Soba Noodles for lunch yesterday! Using this post I planned to make the dipping sauce, but just ended up buying a pre made one from the market. Good, regardless.

ps. no reason for the second photo, the grapes just looked so pretty on the counter I had to steal a shot.

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