January 23, 2012

French Croissant

Regular & Chocolate Croissants

I've thought about it for years, and contemplated taking classes. Finally I decided, to just try it. I've done roll in dough techniques before when making Puff Pastry, but wasn't sure if the croissants would turn out as amazing as the ones here, or here! Using a recipe from this cookbook, I gave it a go. 

The texture came out great, the flaky butteriness was wonderful, my only critique is that the dough tasted a little too savory for me, next time I will consult my Martha Baking Book and add a little sweetness in the form of honey. Also, boy did my hands hurt after trying to roll out the dough into a 1/4" slab. Totally worth it though.


  1. Is this really your first try in making croissants?!? These look so professional! So impressive! Now I'm craving them lol. I better go to Choice tonight!

  2. Yes it's fun :) Wish I could go to Choice!!!