March 8, 2012

New Beginnings a Cafe & Bar

I guess your twenties are a time for figuring things out. So once again, we are about to start a new and exciting journey. Cisco & I will be running a small Cafe & Bar that is part of the Ely Park Golf Course. I hope to bring homemade baked goods, delicious locally roasted coffee, and simple and yummy meals there. It will be, and has been, a lot of work getting it going, but I'm hoping once the weather begins to warm up it will be great and a bit easier. 

Sadly, this does mean we will not be accepting many new photography jobs, or custom screen printing orders, at least FOR NOW. I still love both and plan to work on those things as often as I can. I hope to keep our progress updated here and through the Facebook page.


  1. Alana, that's so amazing!! Best of luck to you both. I know it's going to be amazing and yummy :)