June 27, 2012


As chance had it, the same day I received my new Holgaroid in the mail, I have a photoshoot with two lovely ladies. This is my very first time using it, so bear with me. But how fun are they?!

One of my very first cameras ever, was a Polaroid One Step 600 camera, bought by my grandma in the late 90's. (thanks gram!) It somehow went missing during college :/ then I got some other modern polaroids that ended up breaking, so I've been on the search for something else. Enter, the Holgroid! It's perfectly simple and lo-fi. I love it, and can't wait to find more projects for it.

I recently bought this book for a friend, which is inspiring and helped me decide on finally buying this instant back. 

P.S. Yay for summer and warm park days . . .

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