October 4, 2012

Colorful Hydrangeas

My attempts at gardening has been slowly (read very slowly) improving with time. And although I did plant a hydrangea bush, it never flowered. 

Both my mother and grandmothers are amazing when it comes to gardening. I'm still learning, but I have faith in myself. My grandma always had fresh flowers in her house and I grew up wanting that for myself, so until I can grow them myself, I will buy flowers for my home. The blue ones were from Wegmans (the best grocery store ever) and the pink ones (which color I LOVE are from my father-in-law's yard) I have some traditional vases, but I just love using other vessels for display. Flowers in carafes are beautiful, a single bud in a tiny glass jar is nice, or even water pitchers work great. I love having many different sizes and shapes.

Photog. tip: Here's a little behind the scenes shot of the photo above. I always try to use natural light and lots of reflectors. It bounces and softens the light so well, and assists in getting more information in the shadows when shooting into light.

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