November 27, 2012

Second Storie 2012!

Wow have the last two weeks been a whirlwind! We had a great time last weekend at Renegade Brooklyn! Then we had family in town for the week during thanksgiving. Then early friday morning we had a photo shoot, T-H-E-N a trip to Rochester for Second Storie

Second Storie was amazing this year! Full of really beautiful things. It was so good to see some familiar faces and although I'm a little shy I tried to go talk to some creative friends. Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to because later I found out I have Bronchitis!!! Fever, sore through, coughing up blood . . . not so fun. My body had had it. Ended up sneaking out to the car to take naps! Thank goodness for the amazingness that is my husband and I am so fortunate that he loves doing shows.

In all I'm so happy we are able to participate in such a great show, everyone who put it on is so sweet and really makes an effort to make you feel welcomed. 

We also stayed with my old roommate from college, which is always a treat!

If I had more time I would have to buy so much more, but what I did get, I love! . . .  Pretty earrings from Small Bird Adorable Bow from Cecelia Hayes Colorful Letterpress by French Press and a sweet Note from Shanna Murray

until next year . . . :)

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