February 28, 2011

New Card Giveaway

ps. Enter a tiny giveaway, you can either win a Birthday Cake Card or a Gold & Black Merci Beaucoup Card. Enter by emailing humunukushoppe@gmail.com with how you found us and that you'd like to participate in this giveaway. Winner's will be announced in about a week and a half.

New Cards

We've been printing up a storm over here. Yay, two color cards :) New in the shop!
I did the lettering for 'Happy Birthday' & "merci"


We are so excited that our Bunting is in this months issue of Brides Magazine! On page 72 :)

February 27, 2011

Lomi Salmon

Lomi Lomi means to massage. Lomi Salmon is a super simple and yummy Salmon & Tomato dish. I found this recipe online but usually don't measure anything. Just chop and mix, then serve on Ice. I also used cherry tomatoes, because they looked best at the store.

Lomi Lomi Salmon

1 cup diced salted salmon **
5 medium tomatoes, diced
1 medium round onion, diced
1/4 cup thinly sliced green onions
Sea salt
1 cup crushed ice

In a large bowl, cover the salted salmon with water and soak overnight. Drain and rinse the salmon.

In a large bowl add the diced salmon, tomatoes, onion, and green onion, and mix well. Add sea salt if needed, to taste (the salted salmon is usually salty enough). Chill, and add the crushed ice just before serving.

** to make Salted Salmon, pour a large amount (1/2 to 1 cup) of sea salt over a filet of salmon in a zip bag or covered container. Let sit for a couple of day in the fridge until salmon becomes firm and salty, or cured. Rinse the salt from the salmon before dicing. Taste a small piece, if salmon is too salty, soak it in a water then rinse before using in recipe. but remember, this dish is supposed to be salty. 

February 26, 2011

Elephant Collection

A funny thing both Cisco and I had in common, even before we met, was our love for elephants.  I collected a few, but he on the other hand has an amazingly large, and beautiful collection of Elephants. Illustrations, vintage ephemera, dolls, statutes, . . . everything. From all over the world. We've taken some out of storage lately and are displaying them around the house.

I love this particular hand sewn cotton statue from India. I have been sketching it and want to turn it into a print and or tea towel with many colors. I can be afraid of a lot of color, but love it a lot.

I will start posting more photos of the collection as we find more places to put them . . .

February 25, 2011

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

A weeks ago I saw this post on Design Sponge. Then funnily enough, days later I saw Kenzie posted that she made them too! So I obviously had to make them. I used a mixture of milk and very dark chocolate. Cisco likes his 70%, and although I'm not a huge fan of Milk chocolate, I do enjoy something in between. I also mixed the peanut butter with honey and sea salt.

Growing up, my favorite store was Lee Bear & Co., it was the only thing we had close to a candy / baking supply store on Maui. It was great. I'd buy chocolate in bulk, molds, cello bags to wrap my homemade lollipops, etc. they had everything. This was at a time when ordering anything online wasn't available, so I was very happy to have this place. I took many class there, chocolate making, and hard candy.

Then I moved to NY and got spoiled. If you live in NYC and are in search of a great candy and baking supply store N.Y. Cake & Baking Dist. on 22nd st. is Amazing!

ps. it's snow storming again today

February 24, 2011

Books & Bookmarks

Made some simple bookmarks as inserts for shop orders, finally. Also finished a wedding album for a couple, who's wedding we shot a few months ago. I have been working with a very talented lady, making these beautiful cases for the books. Packed, shipped, and sent.

February 23, 2011

My Perfect Egg

She'd scoff at me for saying this and I do love my grandmother, but boy does she over cook a hardboiled egg :) You know when there's a green ring around the outside of the yolk it's overdone

I've found my perfect egg. It's somewhere between a soft and hard boiled egg. Every variable is important for consistent results. And once you've found your, you can have it the same every time! You'll have to test it a few times regulating temperatures (egg, water, etc.), time, and egg size. This is what I do:

1. I use an egg right from the refrigerator, set it on the counter for a few minutes while . . . 
2. I boil a small pot of water.
3. Boil the egg in the water for exactly 7 minutes.
4. Remove the egg from water and let is sit for 1 minute.
5. Put the egg into a bowl of ice water to cool for a minute.
6. Done! 

The whites should be intact, the outside of the yolks just cooked, and the inside of the yolk should be just soft not quite runny.  Finish with sea salt & fresh ground pepper.

Reduce time for a runnier yolk, more time for less.

February 21, 2011


This little one has been keeping us busy, getting up to pee every 3 hours, chewing on every and anything in sight! It's been a learning experience, but a really rewarding one. She is so sweet.

I've been loving honey lately. This one is super thick and creamy, very yummy, unlike any honey I've had. And this one has an interesting lavender flavor, which is a little strange, but would probably be wonderful in ice cream or whipped cream, as they suggest on the label.

Also received a few new reads in the mail. Lula & Uppercase. Can't wait until I have some time to really get into them.


I finally added the photos from this shoot to the navigation on the Photo Site.  I'm thinking of switching my sites using Indexhibit. I'd like to find some way to organize, maintain and archive all of my work.

February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day . . .

Cisco loves dark chocolate so I made his favorite Brownies for Valentines Day. Also, a special dinner and dark chocolate fondue for dessert, with strawberries and shortbread. Yum :) Hope you had a day full of love.

February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been meaning to introduce you to the newest member of our family, KOALI! Her name is Hawaiian for Morning Glory or to Jump Rope. She's so sweet and full of energy. Even though she's a baby French Bulldog, I think she may be part Rabbit and Pig, because she jumps and snorts a ton. We are in love.

ps. If you remember last year I offered a free downloadable Valentine's Day card? Well here it is again if you are interested in a last minute card.

February 9, 2011

More Hearts

I have a very talented friend who does beautiful ceramics. I've been encouraging her to open her own etsy shop soon, to share her wares with the world. I hope that happens soon.
Put a few BIGGER HEARTS in the shop

February 8, 2011

First Friday's

I love breakfast. Yum cappuccino's & buttery croissants.
These are a few photos of the shop open for first friday. We have a lot of fun sipping hot chocolate and meeting fun new people. Those are hand made goat milk soaps, sewn gift bags, and hand dyed fabric.

February 2, 2011

Frosting A tiny Cake

Using the bench scraper was key in getting a really smooth icing surface. The last photo was from the next morning when I ate it for breakfast :) Probably my favorite tasting Icing. So buttery but not too sweet. 

ps. I added a raw sugar & lemon simple syrup to each layer before frosting to keep it moist.