June 27, 2011


So a tablespoon straight? Nope. I tried this recipe. 

1 TBLS Blackstrap Molasses
Hot Water
3/4 Soymilk

Add molasses to a glass and add just enough hot water to cover the molasses. Stir until dissolved. Add ice and then top off with either Milk or Soymilk. Avoiding milk? Try vanilla or chocolate soymilk. Even yummier is to blend the whole concoction.

Very yummy! I even think maybe adding it to my morning iced coffee instead of sugar might add a little depth of flavor.

June 26, 2011

Blackstrap Molasses

First of all, who ever invented Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbet is amazing! So good, really.

My mother raised me with a pretty natural and holistic view of health and eating. And sometimes :) I listen to her advice. For ages now, she's been telling me that I should take a tablespoon of molasses every morning because it's a great natural source of iron, which I don't think I get enough of. So I plan to try it.

June 24, 2011

Happy Friday

This photo was taken right before we had a quick photo shoot with a sweet new family, one year old baby too. The park is HUGE and gorgeous and empty, perfect backdrop and perfect light that day. We are gearing up for a long and beautiful wedding tomorrow. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

June 21, 2011

Vain & Vapid Summer 2011


I am so pleased to share with you some my favorite images from the Vain & Vapid Summer 2011 look book. You can see the entire look book here and here. As Julie mentioned on her blog, this shoot went so well and everyone was a pleasure to work with. Her clothes, as always looked so beautiful and her attention to detail is really amazing, the colors and fabrics and workmanship . . . I'm so happy I got the opportunity to photograph them. Please take a look at her shop as many of the dresses, as well as the 'Ahu Raglan top are on sale now. 

You can see a couple more photos here also.

June 20, 2011


I had an amazing birthday a few days ago. Although I was dreading it, it turned out to be beautiful and so much fun. We explored the most beautiful Botanical gardens and Arboretum. Ate at some yummy places and bought a couple of pretty dresses. It was so nice to spend the day with my sweet husband and baby dog :)

I never thought I'd be the type of girl who cared about getting older, but I guess that was because I was young! And, although I don't love it, this year I find myself really learning how to relax a bit. I'm not sure if it's all the nature or fresh air, but I've been feeling really calm lately,  even with lots of work to do, I'm learning to enjoy everything about life more.

Gimme Coffee is a local roaster and pretty amazing & nutty. We've also been doing a lot of gardening lately. Herbs, veggies, and flowers. And our latest project yet is turning our sunroom into a little outdoor guesthouse for friends to stay. I'm sitting at that table in the photo now. I'm hoping to get it done soon, so people can enjoy it this summer!


The 'Ahu Raglan Top
This top has an original print designed and and beautifully printed onto a cream colored linen by Alana of Humunuku Shoppe. The design features assorted geometric shapes inspired by traditional Hawaiian tribal prints and tattoos. Each blouse is hand sewn. They have a straight boxy, loose silhouette. Simply pulls over.
Due to the loose nature of this design, if you are between sizes it would be best to go for the smaller size.


This top came out absolutely beautiful! Such a long process and labor of love. It's really light and perfect for summer.

June 16, 2011

Birthday Day

I'm 26 (oops not 27!) today. Gulp. Cisco snuck off during Renegade and bought me these two necklaces. Not sure who the artists were, but I love them both! He also got me a steamer, which I'm super excited about. No more ironing. We are taking a small day trip to eat some yummy foods. And maybe stop at a Lake. 

I'm happy for no work today. But the Vain & Vapid look book should be appearing soon. Stay tuned.

June 14, 2011


We are back from the city! What a fun trip. It was really nice hanging out with old friends, meeting new ones and looking at all the neat stuff they had at Renegade. The first day was terribly wet and rainy and a big drag! But the second didn't rain and stayed moderately nice for the entire fair. It was a good go for our first New York City craft fair.

I ate some of the best food ever this weekend. And we stopped at two of my favs. Sant Ambroeus and Marlow and Sons. Koali also made so many new friends.

June 10, 2011

Presenting the Ahu Raglan Top

It's finally here. Making it's debut at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend in McCarren Park, Brooklyn. Both we and Julie have been working hard at putting together this beautiful top. It has really been a labor of love. It's hand screen printed in Ochre & Navy Inks, then beautifully sewn by Julie. A variation of Vain & Vapid's Raglan Top, the 'Ahu Raglan is inspired by traditional Hawaiian tribal prints and tattoos.

If you are in Brooklyn this weekend, we'd love to say hello. The tops will be available later online.

No sleep till Brooklyn . . .

(organic soaps & ceramic hearts)

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn this weekend . . .
we'll be there! 
booth #89

June 8, 2011

Lookbook Shoot

A small behind the scenes bit of a fashion shoot we did yesterday in Manhattan. It went wonderfully. Can't wait to share the photos. More to come . . . 

June 6, 2011


We shot a beautiful wedding in PA this past Saturday at a tree farm. It rained a bit, but cleared up for some beautiful photos. I will try to have those up soon :)

We had a wonderful opening at the shop this past First Friday. Black & White Film Photography. 

Also getting super excited for the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this weekend. We are trying super duper hard to print, cut, sew, and assemble all sorts of beautiful goods for the show. If you are in New York this weekend, please stop by and say hello! We will be at booth #89.