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Thank you.

2013 Calendar On Sale

Now just $15 for our 2013 Screen Printed Calendars. We have a few left.

Cloth Portfolio Tutorial

I put together this simple Cloth Portfolio for Melanie at It's perfect if you are giving a gift of photos and need a cute display. Check out the Tutorial here.

Easy Donuts

In high school I participated in a Kiwins fundraiser where we sold malasadas at the county fair. To my surprise, instead of homemade dough for the donuts, we used biscuit dough from the can (the kind that pops when it's opened!). We fried them up in oil then tossed them in plain granulated sugar. And they were so perfect warm. I now use the same idea for different types of donuts.

I used a pastry tip to cut the hole in these donuts and fried them in canola oil. After draining, I toss them in glaze while they are still warm, so they absorb it better. And that's where your creativity with this can be endless. This is my glaze recipe (no measurements, just taste)

Plain Glaze
Confectioners Sugar
Almond Milk 
Vanilla Extract
Melted Butter 

You can make all sorts of variations to this recipe. Add melted chocolate, or strained fruit, lemon zest. You could even dye the glaze a color to match a themed baby shower or wedding.

New Letterpress Business Cards

I just received the most wonderful package in the mail today! I contacted a friend of mine to print some new Letterpress business cards for the Photo Business. They are so simple and the perfect shade of grey. Letterpress really makes the simplicity stand out. Macon York, did a wonderful job and I'm so happy to have them. 

Easy Onigiri - Rice Balls!

My grandma ALWAYS had a snack for us ready after school. Some days it would be donuts or cupcakes, others Subway sandwiches, another day Onigiri or Musubis, a Japanese rice snack that is very popular in Hawaii. Always something delicious.

Although my grandma usually mixed her rice with shredded carrots, and a can of tuna, I opted for something a little more simple.

White Rice
Rice Wine Vinegar 
Shoyu (Soy Sauce)
Shredded Carrots

Nori Seaweed to wrap

Mix everything together to your taste. You'll need a Musubi mold, or you can use your hands, to shape the rice balls. Wrap them in Nori and you're done. These are great for picnic or travel snacks. This mix in possibilities are endless. 

How to Prepare Ginger Root

Ginger root is used often in Asian cooking. I use ginger for all sorts of things, making marinades,  stomach soothing teas, and for salad dressings. My grandma always taught me to keep it in the freezer so it will last for a long time.

Now, instead of putting the whole root in the freezer skin on, when I bring it home, I use a spoon and some water to peel the skin off. I cut the root into perfect sized portions and then slip them into a ziplock to freeze. Makes life just a little easier.

Softening Butter

I rarely use the microwave for anything, including softening butter. A really great way to make the job go by quick is cutting your butter into bite sized pieces and letting is sit at room temperature. It should soften quickly!