Making Instant Memories


This summer has been a busy one, filled with travel, tons of eating, and spending our days with all of the people we love. We’ve been finding ways to use our time by being creative and of course taking pictures is a very big part of what we do daily. So, we were so excited when UncommonGoods sent us the Lomo’Instant camera to play with. 

Much like our own business model, UncommonGoods, is extremely committed to creating a quality business that adds value to our world and our lives, by investing in the people who work for them, as well as taking great care in sourcing materials and choosing manufacturers that practice high standards of sustainability. We love partnering with like minded people who care about the earth and each other as much as we do. 

Our two young cousins are visiting from Spain for a few weeks, and Sienna is in love with them both. Tomorrow is Cisco’s birthday, that means summer's end is nearing. UncommonGoods has so many great personalized gifts ideas and other things for men. It was really fun finding this camera for us to make memories with. But, the girls and I had to test it out first, of course. 

As the sun was setting, we spent the warm afternoon taking photographs of each other. These girls are also young, so the magic of a real instant photograph was so new. How fun it was to see this through fresh eyes. 

So, last of the year in our family, is Sienna’s birthday, which isn’t until November, but I’m excited to look through all of the kids gifts on their site. She is obsessed with putty, so this may be a no brainer. 

Making sweet memories and doing something so fun and creative is what I live for. Thank you UncommonGoods for this great gift.