April 13, 2013

Easy Donuts

In high school I participated in a Kiwins fundraiser where we sold malasadas at the county fair. To my surprise, instead of homemade dough for the donuts, we used biscuit dough from the can (the kind that pops when it's opened!). We fried them up in oil then tossed them in plain granulated sugar. And they were so perfect warm. I now use the same idea for different types of donuts.

I used a pastry tip to cut the hole in these donuts and fried them in canola oil. After draining, I toss them in glaze while they are still warm, so they absorb it better. And that's where your creativity with this can be endless. This is my glaze recipe (no measurements, just taste)

Plain Glaze
Confectioners Sugar
Almond Milk 
Vanilla Extract
Melted Butter 

You can make all sorts of variations to this recipe. Add melted chocolate, or strained fruit, lemon zest. You could even dye the glaze a color to match a themed baby shower or wedding.


  1. Wow, this is a great idea! Loving all the food posts lately, Alana. Thanks! :)