April 26, 2011

Hot Pot

Dinner a few days ago was Japanese style Hot Pot at our house. I didn't have a recipe so I just threw what I had around in there. Tofu, scallions, Baby Bok Choy, and soba noodles. With a Kombu broth. Wish I had a boiled egg. Super good still.

April 23, 2011


Hey there! So I had an amazing time in San Francisco. I enjoyed spending time with old friends, making new ones, walking around the city, and let me tell you I did not have one bad meal, while there! Everything was so delicious. Thanks for the suggestions. I shot 2 rolls of 120 film & 3 of 35mm. I'm processing the 35mm now,  and have to send the medium format away. But I hope to have them edited and up soon. I'll share some iPhone pics in the mean time. I had a wonderful time, but missed my loves at home a whole bunch. It's great to be back, but I'm not done with SF just yet. Time to catch up.

(photo taken in the Ferry Building, which was beautiful!)

ps. You may not care about this, but I'm more a medium format girl, than 35mm, trying to adapt to that long shape is tough for me. I see in more of a fat rectangle :) 

April 12, 2011

San Francisco

What's that quote? When it rains, it pours. Well that's mostly how life is right now. Lots of orders right before I leave for San Francisco! Cisco will be taking over the shop while I'm gone & probably playing a lot of golf with Koali. 
I'm so excited to meet up with my childhood friends in the city. I haven't seen them for a while and am in some need of girl time. Never been to SF! I can't wait to go shopping and eating and sight seeing, like a real tourist! Any recommendations for me? I'd love to hear where to go and what to see? (mostly really good food please) 

I'm not bringing my computer and wont be online for a whole week. Will still have my phone, so I can get emails, but I need a break and I plan to take lots of photos :) Can't wait. Only taking my Holga, 35mm film SLR, & iPhone. I will try to twitter and post pics there, but if you follow me you know, I'm really bad at it :) Anyway, until I return, thanks for any info :)

April 10, 2011

Sale Items

The very sweet Danni over at Oh Hello Friend Blog will be hosing a wonderful promotion with some Humunuku Shoppe items for a week. You get all the items above for only $14! But there is limited supply of only 18 sets. So if you've been wanting any of these items now is the time to get them for a killer deal. The deal starts tomorrow, so check into her blog for more into and where to buy.


(these are all lemon from a party last year)
My grandmother on my mom's side is Portuguese. We used to call (her mother) my great grandmother Vov√≥. I remember her well, but she started to get old when I was old enough to understand things. It makes me sad to know I never really got to talk to her about things. Something I do remember is going to her house and eating the most delicious ham sandwiches. Just plain bread and meat. Don't why it was so good at her house, but it was! 

Another memory I have is of an old woman who lived next door to her. When ever they'd have get togethers the lady would bring over Katen. (I think that's what it's called? A Japanese layered jello dessert. I can't seem to find it online anywhere). It's layered jello with sweet and condensed milk. The lady would make like 10 layers. My grandma always tells me to make it for people on the mainland. She's funny. Great recipe here. You could even use all natural fruit juices to make your own flavors! I used Strawberry, Orange, and Lemon here.

I know it may sound strange and I was frightened of the gelatin, but it really will surprise you at how yummy it is! Sweet and refreshing for BBQ's! 

Iced Coffee

Nothing seems like Brooklyn in the summer more to me than people walking around with Iced Coffees in hand. I cold brew some at home. Great recipe here. Sometimes I add a shot of espresso and raw sugar to chomp on.

April 8, 2011

To do . . .

Lots to do as always . . .

The top photo is of some twill labels for Julie over at Vain & Vapid. Printing on certain surfaces can be super tricky. I've learned we need a special touch with some things. Love seeing them sewn into her beautiful clothes. That's Koali lounging in the sun. She LOVES the sun & heat just like me. I want to find her a cute girly outfit, any recommendations?

I just ordered some new instant film. I can't wait to try it out! I know you can do emulsion lifts with the new impossible film, but was wondering if I can do "Polaroid Transfers" with my slide printer? 

I am also dying to try the new Ektar and Portra Film. The Portra NC used to be my fav, but sadly it's no longer.

April 6, 2011


Aren't these knobs pretty? I got them from Target! I'm going to try to get Cisco to make something beautiful for me with them ;)
Thank God for Target! If we didn't have it in this town I think I might die. They really have a wonderful selection to choose from. AND now they have groceries!

April 5, 2011

New Cards in the Shop

Remember these cards? We've gotten so many requests for plain white ones, that I decided to make up small sets of just those. Finally posted the Lilac Bouquets. I love how they turned out. Both posted in the shop

April 3, 2011


I've been printing my own clear stickers on Avery labels. I like them a lot, but they can be a pain to print with the templates. So I decided to just order a huge roll. Although the craft is a bit darker than I would have liked, it's still great and so easy to have them read for packaging. Yay!