July 30, 2011

While we were out . . .

These are a few photos from our trip to Philly & New York and the last was of Cisco's birthday last night! We had a small dinner with lots of chocolate cake, his favorite. We went to some of my favorite places, in the photos above!

July 29, 2011

A long Vacation

Wow were we gone for a long time! What a fun week in Philly & New York. We played tour guide to a our friend visiting from Reinosa.  It was wonderful eating lots of delish. food and showing him a little less touristy NY. I also got to join in a surprise bachelorette party for a good friend

P.S. the black bordered Pola's are this film :)

July 21, 2011

In New York

This photo was taken on a walk the other day. At the park. 

We are off to Philly & New York city for a few days to show our friend (he's visiting from Spain) around. It's sooooo HOT. Hope we don't melt. Also hoping to catch this exhibit before we return. Keep cool.

July 15, 2011

Kinfolk Mention

KINFOLK, a new online magazine just launched today! It's unbelievably gorgeous. There are so many talented people involved how could it not? Including the sweet and and very lovely Tanya of Snap &  Tumble. How excited I was, when she mentioned Humunuku's Rooster & Butterfly Carte Postales in it!!! We are so happy to be mentioned :) Go read Tanya's clever ideas for invites, menu's and thank you's on page 139. 

top image via Snap & Tumble

July 14, 2011


Our house was built in 1941. When we moved in, it looked like it, but not in a charming good way. In the bad way. So we've been restoring, fixing up, and rebuilding everything. It's taking some time, but slowly becoming our own. And now that it's nice out, we've been focusing on the outside a little more.

I've been begging Cisco to build me some benches so I can sit and have a cup of coffee in the morning or just have somewhere to relax. So he finally did! I'll have to get better photos of them soon. Here is one, with Koali standing on top, eating some leaves. I thought she'd get bigger, but I don't think she'll grow much more. 

July 13, 2011


Remember that pretty park I said we did a photo shoot in a while ago? Well here are a few of the photos we took of this adorable family. We had a blast! 

July 11, 2011

More 'Ahu Tops

I love my 'Ahu Raglan Top! The linen is so light, but still feels substantial and nice. Perfect for hot summer days like today. We've restocked another batch and they are now available in both the Vain & Vapid shop & Humunuku.

Koali and I love hanging out outside this summer. Relaxing in the sunroom and under the trees. I'm wearing my birthday present in these pics :)

July 10, 2011

Weddings & Friends

We shot our friends wedding yesterday. Although I was nervous about the pressure involving a friend, it turned out perfect. Relaxed and even fun! It was also nice to catch up with some old buddies.

July 8, 2011

Shoyu Teriyaki

My grandma sends me gallons of Aloha Shoyu ever year, my favorite soy sauce. Not sure what I'd do without it. And this is my fav. teriyaki recipe. I've probably already posted about this, but we had it today and it was so yummy I had to share again. 

I also don't measure just go by taste.

In a large bowl or plastic bag mix:

Aloha Shoyu (or other brand soy sauce)
fresh ginger root smashed
fresh garlic cloves smashed
raw sugar (or regular sugar)

Mix until dissolved. Taste until flavor is just right. It should be a little sweet.
Marinate chicken, veggies, beef, or tofu overnight or a couple of days then cook on the grill for a nice charred sweet taste. 

I chopped up some green onions to top over this thinly sliced beef.

July 7, 2011

Seth & Kathryn

I'm in the home stretch of editing this sweet Pennsylvania wedding. They decided to have their wedding at Seth's family's tree farm. The land was so green and beautiful. 

July 6, 2011


While I've been editing wedding photos for hours, Cisco and Jorge have been picking up, loading and unloading our new Arborvitae Trees. We installed a short fence so Koali can't escape that way. Then, the trees are going to be for privacy along our back yard property line. I've been wanting a fence or trees since the day we moved in, so I am elated that we are actually planting some. This means I don't have to worry about going out in my PJ's without the neighbors seeing me. Growing up I never understood why my grandma would always be "fixing" something up around the house. Then as an adult I always lived in an apartment in the city where I didn't have to do much maintenance. But owning our own home has been so much work. And we love it.

July 4, 2011

New Studio

Koali and I were testing out the new studio today. LOVE all the natural light it gets in there! She was less impressed as it's pretty hot today . . .

July 3, 2011

July 2, 2011


Because of some health issues I'm now wheat (gluten) and dairy free. Although I do LOVELOVELOVE bread and cheese, I don't eat much dairy or gluten anyway so it shouldn't be too much of a change. I think it's healthier for me to eat this way anyway and Cisco has decided he will too. 

Almost every morning I've been making the most yummy fruit smoothies! I use ice, coconut yogurt, banana, frozen fruit that I buy in bags already cut up (mango, strawberry), some orange juice and once in a while I will put some mango sorbet in there. So good!

And we've finally cleared out our sun room and I set up a little portrait studio. Found this wonderful metal chair at an antique store not far from here. Can't wait to start some photo projects.

July 1, 2011


Although I've always said I was really bad at gardening, we've had a breakthrough this summer! Plants that are actually not just growing but doing well! We even have herbs and veggies! I use egg shells and used coffee grounds for natural fertilizer.

Oh! And Koali had a breakthrough. She can finally jump on the couch on her own. This may sounds silly, but she's constantly sitting at our feet crying for us to pick her up and put her on the couch. So now, she can do it herself! Yay for everyone.

If you are in the area . . . First Friday is tonight!