February 28, 2012

Brown Rice Farina

I've always loved Cream of Wheat, and all types of bread! But over the years I become sensitive to the protein in wheat, gluten. So in an attempt to get away from this I've been trying to replace my favorites with other just as yummy food. Enter, Bob's Red Mill Brown Rice Farina! Not exactly Cream of Wheat, but delicious all the same. I added banana, honey and a splash of milk. 

February 18, 2012


If you've notice it's been a bit quiet around here, it's because we've just returned from a short trip to Spain. It was such a good time. This time we mostly just spend time with Abuela, and family. Eating, talking, and watching daytime television. It's so hard being so far from family, but we do cherish the short times we do have with one another. I'm getting a bit better with the language, but still tough.