September 27, 2012

More Families

This is the Tavares Family. A few days ago we headed over to the park with the sweetest family ever. They are friends of friends, but are surely becoming ours. Both kids were extremely enthusiastic about posing for the camera, which made the shoot so much fun. Though I love shooting with a fixed 50mm lens, Cisco and I have been dying to buy a Canon 70-200mm & a fixed Canon 85mm lens. The bokeh on the 85mm looks very beautiful. On the christmas list.

They are such happy people and seem like the sweetest family. When we have kids I'd love a boy and girl and both as happy as those two are.

So now I have heaps of photos to get to . . . more soon!

September 26, 2012

Food Project

fried tofu with rice
zucchini egg salad with capers
cinnamon coffee cake
blueberry scones
vanilla bean salted caramel
green beans
roasted potatoes with Harissa aioli 
I mentioned a while back that a friend and I started a food project. The premise was that we'd each alternate in picking an ingredient every week and we'd both have to make a dish and post a photo and recipe on our blog. It started off strong and we love it, still. But it seems to have lost some steam at the moment. We are taking a break, but here are the photos of some foods I made so far.

September 23, 2012

Children at Weddings

It was a little rainy this weekend, but the sun did peek through enough to get some very sweet images at a wedding we shot this weekend. There seemed to be a ton of really cute kids there . . .

September 20, 2012

New Office Space

I am so grateful that both my assistant Laura and my husband Cisco have helped me to finally start getting our work space in order. This is only a small corner of the space, but I'm very happy and inspired to be in it. The studio is usually always a mess, but having organization and a beautiful space makes it a little easier to keep clean. Excited to keep improving.

September 15, 2012

Family Photo Shoots

A few weeks ago, we shot this sweet family in town. Each of them traveled from all over the country and even Canada to meet up with their mom & dad. See more photos on the website

September 8, 2012

Andrea & Steven

Andrea & Steven are a beautiful couple we shot at the Binghamton Club. Every detail was flawless, including the black and white theme, the fall weather decor and the unbelievably delicious vegetarian and vegan fare. It was a pleasure to shoot these two. See more photos of their day on the website.