July 9, 2013

Saving Your Images

Once you've spend the time, money and effort to take either beautiful professional photos or ones of your own, this is a list of great ways to save your images!  

We hope you enjoy your wedding day photographs for years to come. To ensure that you never loose these images, we recommend you back them up. There are a few ways you can do that including the following. 

Back the images up on your computer or external Hard Drive. Make a folder dedicated to only your wedding images and copy your images from the disk to the folder. 

Copy the disks. Buy multiple Blank Disks and make back up copies of all your images and make sure to store them in different places. 

Online Storages. There are many online photo storages that will store your images for a small fee. Apple, Amazon and Flickr are a few examples.

Printing. A great way to keep your images for a long time (and to enjoy looking at them easily) is getting prints made. We offer a variety of print and book options to keep your images forever.

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