May 14, 2016

Essential Oils

I’ve heard of new mothers in other countries like Nepal and India who participate in this loving act of rubbing oil onto and massaging their babies’ skin. I believe any touch is healing and beneficial for us all. I’ve always loved this idea, but it hasn’t been until lately that I’ve decided to try incorporating this into our lives. 

We use different essential oils like Lavender, Tea Tree and Chamomile to rub into the souls of our feet. I want to find time at the end of every day to make a space for our family to sit together, talk, and enjoy right now. Si is at such a sweet time in her life at two and a half years old and and I want to make sure we savor every last bit of it.

1 comment:

  1. Nice blog Alana. Would love to have time to do this to my son and wife. We are using priime essential oils I think it is a good product since I've been using this for two years now.