July 11, 2017

Kristi & Steven's Wedding at Blooming Hill Farm | Brooklyn Wedding Photography

Kristi and Steven's gorgeous wedding at Blooming Hill Farm is everything you'd imagine an upstate Farm Wedding would be. Full of beautiful vegetation, live music, sparklers and a bonfire for s'mores. I'm so grateful I was able to witness and photograph their love. You can truly see how much they adore one another which makes my job easy. You can see more of my wedding photography on the website.

Cupcakes by Brooklyn Cupcake
 Wedding Coordinator LivingLovingLife
Live Band Empyrean Atlas
Event Location Food Flowers Blooming Hill Farm

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  1. Kristi & Steven's Wedding at Blooming Hill Farm took my heart away. I had a great time watching these fun photos. That pizza is looking so delicious. At some local wedding venues Los Angeles we also would be marrying soon. It will be handled by professional planner so hoping it would be fabulous!