What I think about "posing" in Photoshoots | Brooklyn Family Photographer

Lifestyle Photography. Photojournalism. Editorial Photography. Portraiture. Documentary Photography. There are so many different types of picture taking. What I do is a combination of a few of these styles. I’d say what I draw on most are lifestyle, editorial and portraiture. The first two types of photographs create a narrative without and sometimes with the help of the photographer. Portraiture is a lot more straightforward. (Although the word “portrait” was considered many different things when I was in art school)

Often when I photograph families with young children, there is a lot more letting things flow how they will. Sometimes it’s just a gentle nudge to look out at the horizon, or to hold your daughters hand. I often find clients appreciate a little direction, so they don’t feel like they won’t know what to do.

I know “posed” can sometimes be considered a bad word in lifestyle photography. This is because it isn’t considered “authentic” but I am not afraid of a proper portrait where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling.

I know department store photography has given portraiture a bad rap, but in my humble opinion, there is nothing like looking at a portrait of your grandma from way back when and really getting to see her just as she was in that moment in time. I pull on whatever techniques are needed for my shoots, based on, #1 what you, the client wants. #2 What your personalities lend itself to. And #3 how we want to create the story.

I had a great teacher who told me the difference between Joe with a camera and me, is that he takes pictures and I make pictures.

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