March 21, 2013

Seeding Method for Tempering Chocolate

This is the Seeding Method in which to melt & Temper chocolate.

Using a double boiler method. Melt two thirds of the chocolate you plan to use, over simmering water  until it reaches 120°F for Dark Chocolate, 116°F for Milk Chocolate, or 114°F for White Chocolate. 
(be careful not to let moisture from the steam come into contact with the chocolate or it will seize up -- no bueno :/ )

I like to chop the remaining chocolate into small pieces for easier melting. While continuously stirring, begin to add remaining third of chocolate into the first batch. This lowers the temperature of the initial chocolate. This also adds new crystals to the chocolate. Watch your thermometer until it reaches 84°F for Dark Chocolate, 81°F for Milk Chocolate, or 79°F for White Chocolate.

Now you are going to bring the temperature of the chocolate finally to 89°F for Dark Chocolate, 86°F for Milk Chocolate or 82°F for White Chocolate. Do this by putting the chocolate back over the double boiler on a very low setting. Watch carefully until it finds the right temperature. Now you can use in molds and other decorative projects.

That's it! Tempering chocolate is preferable when making chocolate candies and decorations because it allows the chocolate to be come shiny and crisp, lending for a beautiful presentation.

remember these peanut butter cups!

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